Let Us Customize Your Bill 14 Training!

HR Proactive Inc. understands that there is no one way to learn. We custom deliver training to your company that suits your particular needs, whether it is in-person training delivered in the traditional way, through online video-conferencing with a facilitator, or entirely using online materials and testing. You are not limited to any one training method: HR Proactive Inc. will develop a customized training package that combines all of the above. You get to choose. We work with you to custom develop a package delivered on your terms, where and when you want it delivered.

As the technology landscape changes, global workplaces are finding new ways to help their employees thrive. Today’s technology allows for more immersive and enriching ways to share and scale knowledge. HR Proactive Inc.’s Learning Platform provides employers with compliance training that is more cost-effective for on-the-job training, new-employee orientation and annual refresher training. HR Proactive Inc. can customize any course topic and provide any/all methods of delivery.

We believe training should be “Your Way!”

We can customize the training with real-life workplace scenarios that your employees may face, or can meet industry specific challenges. Across departments, teams, employees, generations and learning styles, HR Proactive Inc. paired with custom content, helps to solve real issues/problems, in real-time.

Let HR Proactive Inc.’s subject-matter specialists customize your next workshop!

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