British Columbia Bill 14: Prevent Bullying & Harassment
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British Columbia Bill 14:

In 2012, British Columbia became the fourth province behind Quebec, Ontario and Saskatchewan to introduce legislation to deal with bullying and harassment in the workplace. Bill 14 amends Section 5.1 of the Workers Compensation Act to include:

  • Revised wording from “mental stress” to “mental disorder”
  • A new reference to bullying and harassment as a significant work-related stressor
  • Diagnosed mental disorders caused by significant work-related stressors, including bullying and harassment
  • A “predominant cause” test for mental disorders caused by significant work-related stressors

As a result, employees may be entitled to compensation for a mental disorder that is a reaction to a traumatic event in the workplace or is caused by a significant work-related stressor which includes bullying or harassment.

So, what does this mean for the workplace?

Employers are advised to take reasonable steps to prevent or minimize harassment and bullying and ensure employees do not engage in “any improper activity or behaviour that might constitute a hazard.”

Employers are required to:


  • Perform a risk assessment
  • Develop written policies and procedures to address bullying and harassment
  • Implement procedures for reporting, documenting, and investigating bullying and harassment complaints or incidents
  • Provide training to ensure bullying and harassment are adequately addressed


HR Proactive Inc. offers several options to train employees, quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

HR Pro Hosted LMS

HR Pro Hosted LMS

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SCORM Training File

SCORM Training File

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Streaming Service

Streaming Service

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Virtual Training

Virtual Training

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Employers need to adjust their focus to work toward what is termed the psychologically safe workplace, “one that does not permit harm to employee mental health,… one in which every practical effort is made to avoid reasonably foreseeable injury to the mental health of employees.”

Martin Shane, S.J.D (Preventing Workplace Meltdown: An Employer’s Guide to Maintaining a Psychologically Safe Workplace-A Carswell Implementation Guide)

BC Respectful Workplace Training

HR Proactive Inc., programs comply with SCORM standards for seamless integration into your LMS and align with WorkSafeBC regulations, and contribute to fostering respectful and inclusive workplace environments.

Product Features and Requirements:

  • Product is customizable to reflect modern brand and clear design standards
  • Meets WorkSafeBC criteria and is alignment with BC laws
  • Modules are mobile-enabled and relevant to generic workplace settings
  • Options accommodate unlimited users total, either through an annual license without necessitating an external log-in system 
  • Modules designed to fit within a 30-45 minute timeframe and are tracked through the Quiz
  • Optional Customized Training options for leaders/managers
  • Content updated annually to reflect legislative changes 
  • Module can be bundled with other topics: Unconscious Bias, Microaggressions, Bystander Intervention
  • Full Free Preview available upon request
  • Licensing options: SCORM, Streaming, HR Pro Hosted LMS
  • Technical support offered for both implementation and ongoing usage 

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HR Proactive Inc.’s training programs are available to license as a SCORM Compliant Package and can be hosted on your Learning Management System (LMS), company intranet or HRIS System. Our online video programs can be customized with your company brand/logo and policy. On average, our compliance training videos are 20-minutes in duration and include a quiz to track learner progress.

At HR Proactive Inc., the real value proposition is giving our customers a choice. We can provide them with a robust platform or we can provide them with compelling content that works in their own LMS.

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