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B.C. passes anti-bullying legislation

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The BC gov’t has passed Bill 14, effective July 1, 2012, which will expand the definition of violence and require employers to have formal prevention plans.

Through Bill 14, workers’ compensation will be expanded to include diagnosed mental disorders caused by significant work-related stressors, including bullying and harassment.

A new reference to bullying and harassment as a significant work-related stressor.

A “predominant cause” test for mental disorders caused by significant work-related stressors.

Revised wording from “mental stress” to “mental disorder”.

"Bullying in Canadian Workplaces", has been accepted and published on Read more...

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Prevent Bullying,
Harassment & Violence

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Bill 14: Are You Ready?

Bill 14 requires employers to address psychological harassment and violence in the workplace. HR Proactive can help you fulfill this obligation by delivering customized training directly to your employees.

We can create a dynamic session that will:
  • provide training on your own policy and programs;
  • review the fundamentals of workplace violence and human rights-based harassment, as well as personal harassment in the workplace covered under Occupational Health and Safety legislation and compensable under Workers’ Compensation Act;
  • train managers & supervisors on how to prevent and respond to harassment of any kind;
  • teach employees strategies for dealing with stress, bullying & harassment
This is Bill 14 compliance made simple!

HR Proactive can customize training programs specific to your workplace culture.

We can meet the needs of your workplace through on-site training and leave you with a sustainable product to continue to train new employees or roll out your next workshop. Ask us about our off-the-shelf eLearning or video DVDs. HR Proactive is a boutique firm that provides exceptional customer service and can even customize your video DVD with your graphics, logo and video clips. HR Proactive Inc. is a full service human rights consultancy business that ‘wrote the book’ on how to train and investigate harassment in the workplace!

Contact us to find out how we can help you to stay up-to-date without all the time and expense of development.

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